Episode Review: Star vs the Forces of Evil (Season 4, Episode 8) – Curse of the Blood Moon

With the fourth season of Star vs the Forces of Evil counting down to the end of the series,the inclusion of full 22-minute episodes, often opens up the storytelling to a much larger, and hopefully deeper storyline.

One story that many of the show’s loyal followers fondly recall, is The Blood Moon Ball from the first season. There have been story-points that seem to have tied into that segment over the last two seasons, and it looks like we’re going to delve a little deeper into the Blood Moon with this episode.



– Curse of the Blood Moon –

After a late-night meeting with Star, Marco finds himself wrestling with his feelings for her. Bringing this information to both Star and Tom’s attention, Tom confesses that it may be linked to the blood moon that cast it’s light on Star and Marco during the Blood Moon Ball.

However, being bathed in the light of the blood moon, may have also cursed Star and Marco. Seeking help from Tom’s relation Relicor, they descend into the underworld, to try and break the curse.

As in the case of some stories when they really want to play with a character, Star is amped up to “super-cute” levels of playfulness at times, and Marco’s desperation about dealing with his emotions gives voice-actor Adam McArthur some of his funniest work so far this season.

Tom’s inclusion in Season 4 so far has been quite striking to see, and this episode shows how the writers are keeping his emotional reformation going…though it does seem a little odd that only now after all this time would he confess that he may have cursed his two friends. The writers also work in his ancient relation Relicor, who is quite well-versed in the curse of the blood moon.


Janna is once again involved, though seems to mainly be here to act as her typical no-help self, enjoying the torment and irritation that the others are going through. I guess it’s better than having Ponyhead along for the ride, abrasively criticizing everything and everyone.

Eclipsa shows up for what amounts to a minor cameo, though it is rather nice to hear her expounding some very sound advice about feelings.

What is surprising is the pace at which the story moves. It moves so quickly, that it doesn’t seem like we’ve been watching a 22-minute episode!

It is notable how much conversation there is in the story, though it feels like the show slows down a bit once we get to the underworld. There’s one bit I feel that could have been cut out, and maybe given us a few extra minutes at the end with Star and Marco. This was a good and entertaining episode, but it feels like it could have gone a little further, and become a great episode if they hadn’t stopped it where they did.


Best line from episode (said by Eclipsa): “Feelings are worth feeling, even if they hurt.”

Final Grade: B



Best honorable mention line from episode (said by Marco Diaz): “Oh no…it’s too cute!”

In my personal opinion, I never really liked the attempts to make Star and Marco a couple. While many of the younger fans celebrated their fan-shippings of the two, I often longed for those early days of the series, when Star and Marco were “just friends.” Seeing them in that form of a pairing was what originally kept me coming back for more, and I do wonder where things can go from here.

The ninth episode of Season 4, will return us to our two-segment storytelling. With titles like Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell, and Ghost of Butterfly Castle, what does the show have in store for us next? See you next time for another review!

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