Episode Review: Star vs the Forces of Evil (Season 4, Episode 7) – Out of Business / Kelly’s World

While the last episode of Star vs the Forces of Evil focused once again on Eclipsa and her trying to win over those around her, the seventh episode features some more intimate stories. We get a return to a previous locale, and the chance to explore a new one!



– Out of Business –

The inter-dimensional store called Quest Buy is going out-of-business, and Star, Marco, and Janna go to see what they can find. Their journey takes them to the Quest Buy stock room, and into an area that holds great danger for impressionable young people such as themselves.

With it’s massive size, I often felt that Quest Buy could hold plenty of potential to be a place where big adventures could be had. As it stands now, it sadly seems my imagination went beyond most of what the show’s writers imagined for the place.

This is more of a “wacky adventure” storyline, especially with Janna along for the ride (though just how she is able to get to Mewni, we still have no clue!). She ends up being the kooky element added to much of the interactions, and this story seems to confirm she has an uncomfortable obsession with Marco (though if we’ll ever know why or how she developed this, is most likely never going to be answered).

This was an okay storyline, and I am finding these little diversions from the Queen Eclipsa storyline to be rather intriguing, as we get to see our characters just be themselves for most of the time. Plus, this feels like one of the few stories so far, where Marco can be a bit off-the-wall.


Best line from segment (said by Baby Marco): “I’m Baby Marco and I’ve got wheels for hands! Wheeee!!!”

Final Grade: B-



– Kelly’s World –

Marco decides to visit Kelly, and finds her home-world to be a dimension composed of hair-based creatures and environments. Seeing her feeling depressed, Marco decides to help cheer her up, and they go off on a journey to return a library book.

When she was first introduced in Season 2, Kelly seemed little more than a side-character, but as the seasons have gone onward, she seems to have become a favorite of the writing staff. We also see she’s not far from her ex-boyfriend Tad, who still seems unable to cut ties after finding a new calling in life. However, I find this minor story-point to be something that may ring true to the older viewers. It also ties into Marco wrestling with his own feelings in regards to Star.

Marco ends up being our guide to this world, and we get to experience it through his eyes. The Woolettes are a hairy-yet-violent people, and it ties a little into why Kelly has a huge sword she carries around. The episode reminds me a little of Marco and Kelly’s interactions in the Lava Lake Beach story from last season. It almost seemed like the two were an on-again/off-again couple, but the show just didn’t go anywhere with it.

We have seen Marco and Kelly work well together in some storylines, and this one was an entertaining one, that makes me eager to see if we’ll get some more good stories with them before the end of the season.


Best line from segment (said by Kelly): “Yeah, it’s illegal in like, 12 dimensions!”

Final Grade: B



Best honorable mention line from episode (said by Unicorn Cake, in Out of Business): “Aw, don’t pay that no mind. It’s only raspberry!”

While I didn’t get the epic Quest Buy adventure I had hoped for in Out of Business, I was very surprised with the characterization and direction the storytelling took in the Kelly’s World segment. Much like how Ransomgram showed us a new environment and it’s world, the world of the Wooletts proved to be an intriguing new world to explore (if briefly).

The next episode gives us a full 22-minute story titled, Curse of the Blood Moon. The fandom has been going on-and-on(-and-on!) for 2 seasons about how the Blood Moon has made their “Starco” fanshippings a sure thing…but is it really true? See you back here soon for the next review.

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