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Episode Review: Star vs the Forces of Evil (Season 4, Episode 10) – Cornball / Meteora’s Lesson

Watching the fourth season of Star vs the Forces of Evil, it has felt like there’s often some inter-connective themes when there are two segments for some of the 22-minute episodes.

For their tenth episode of the season, it feels like the writers have chosen to focus on the next generation of monsters and mewmans on the planet Mewni.



– Cornball –

As a continued way of showing social barriers being broken, Mewni is holding it’s first monsters-vs-mewmans Cornball game. Star Butterfly eagerly invites Buff Frog and his family to watch (and hopefully return to Mewni), but the family frog has his doubts that things have changed.

It was a disappointment to me when it looked like a possible character development for Buff Frog was sidelined in Season 3, but I was very excited to see his return in this story. Along for the ride are his children, who have grown since we last saw them. His daughter Katrina I felt could have some great potential, and she does have a few fun moments here.

We also get some fun in the form of Kelly and Marco in the announcer’s booth. voice-actress Dana Davis really sounds like she’s having fun in this episode,  and voice-actor Adam McArthur also adds some humor to Marco trying to understand the rules of Cornball.

Overall, it’s not so much the game of Cornball this story is attempting to tell, as to show some elements of “generational acceptance.” Some can probably guess where the story is going to go half-way through the segment, but it led to a somewhat predictable storyline, that still left me with a smile on my face in the end.


Best line from segment (said by Buff Frog): “One day, she will surpass me. I am…so proud.”

Final Grade: B



– Meteora’s Lesson –

While Eclipsa has a meeting with the Pigeon Kingdom, she has Janna babysit Meteora. However, Glossaryck has other plans, and sneaks the little monster off for some one-on-one time.

At the end of last season, voice-actor Keith David took over voice duties for Glossaryck. He brings something a little different to the character, and it has felt like so far, he controls his vocal range a bit more than the previous voice actor. Glossaryck as a character has also seemed a bit more subdued this season as well. Then again, most of the last season had him going around just saying “Globgor.”

A surprise for this story, was Meteora! I had originally thought she was just going to be “the cute monster baby prop” of the season, but it seems she has a stronger connection with Glossaryck than I had originally thought. Though she can’t fully speak, we do get to see some minor character development given over to her (even if she is now a baby).

Much like Ghost of Butterfly Castle, this segment also delves into Mewni’s back-story, and we even get a surprising cameo appearance by a dark figure (though sadly, it doesn’t explain as much as I would have wished about this figure).

There’s also a journey through time, with a new character by the name of Reynaldo. There is a startling revelation about him, but it feels like he’ll just be another throwaway character as the season barrels towards it’s inevitable conclusion.


Best line from segment (said by Glossaryck of Terms): “This might take awhile so-AGH you know what? Nevermind! He’s here!”

Final Grade: B-



Best honorable mention line from episode (said by unnamed monster child, in Cornball): “This is for you, David! I’ll always love you!”

While both stories had their faults, the through-line about focusing on the next generation of mewmans and monsters, was a good combination. Though it stands to reason we may be left to imagine if they can get over the mistakes their parents and past generations made.

Our next episode will delve into a return to Marco’s knight subplot in The Knight Shift, and a royal emergency regarding Eclipsa, in Queen-napped. See you soon for our next review.

Episode Review: Star vs the Forces of Evil (Season 4, Episode 9) – Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell / Ghost of Butterfly Castle

After a 22-minute storyline messing with it’s incessant fan-shippers, Star vs the Forces of Evil returns to it’s regular two-segment format.

What is most notable about this episode, is that it’s segments push Star and her friends to the side, and focus on a few characters we haven’t seen in awhile.



– Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell –

After failing to claim another magical artifact, Ludo doesn’t know what to do with himself. However, his younger brother Dennis attempts to help him…by dredging up things from Ludo’s sordid past.

The title for the episode is a little misleading, as it starts out with a very interesting alternate-dimension version of the Bon-Bon the Birthday Clown episode…for a few minutes, anyway (there’s even a tiny reference to the segment Ludo in the Wild).

The main focus of the segment is Dennis trying to break his brother out of his funk…though I do question Dennis’ methods in dragging Ludo back into his ‘old ways’ as a source of helping him move on. This doesn’t feel so much like Dennis trying to help Ludo, as it is “enabling” him. We even get to see the return of some of Ludo’s monster henchmen (some of whom I thought had been destroyed in the Season 1 finale!).

Where the story did get surprising, is when something happens that really shows just how much Ludo cares for Dennis. We haven’t really seen anything this strong from Ludo before regarding his family, and it ends up being the saving grace that lifted up the story in my eyes.


Best line from segment (said by Ludo): “This feels better than I’d like it to.”

Final Grade: B-



– Ghost of Butterfly Castle –

Moon Butterfly and her husband River have welcomed a number of the mewman population to live near their new home, but Moon grows annoyed when they can’t seem to agree on basic things.

Going back to the ruins of Butterfly Castle to find something that might help, she comes across some unexpected surprises.

This is Moon’s story, and we actually get some wonderful mood-filled moments, as she explores the castle. It’s like she is combing through the ruins of her previous life, and trying to figure out what she should do next. It’s a subtle “crossroads” segment, but what she decides to do going forward, will make one wonder if she will stick to her convictions.

Much like Moon’s previous appearance, the writers attempt to mine comedy out of the helplessness of the population, but it still doesn’t feel humorous to me.

An unexpected appearance is also made by Mina Loveberry. Mina’s appearances in the past felt as irritating as most of Ponyhead’s, but this may be one of the few times where a segment actually has her stop being over-the-top long enough be intriguing…and make us realize that she may now be one of the most dangerous beings on Mewni. This was most interesting in how we saw a revelation tying into a segment a few episodes ago.

There are areas of the segment that also tie into some Star-related books from Disney Press, and I could just imagine the surprise on some of the fan’s faces, as they hear some of Mewni’s history being discussed in this story.


Best line from segment (said by Day-Planner Thief): “That’s anarchy for you!”

Final Grade: B-



Best honorable mention line from episode (said by Ludo, in Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell): “Let’s say his heart is in a better place now.”

This episode seems to show that Ludo can’t quite escape his past, while Moon attempts to move on from hers. Both stories also make us wonder if this is the last we’ve seen of the two (most notably Ludo).

In the next episode, we get to see some of the popular Mewnian sport Cornball in the episode of the same name. Glossaryck also attempts to teach Meteora a thing-or-two, in Meteora’s Lesson. See you back here soon for the next review.

Episode Review: Star vs the Forces of Evil (Season 4, Episode 8) – Curse of the Blood Moon

With the fourth season of Star vs the Forces of Evil counting down to the end of the series,the inclusion of full 22-minute episodes, often opens up the storytelling to a much larger, and hopefully deeper storyline.

One story that many of the show’s loyal followers fondly recall, is The Blood Moon Ball from the first season. There have been story-points that seem to have tied into that segment over the last two seasons, and it looks like we’re going to delve a little deeper into the Blood Moon with this episode.



– Curse of the Blood Moon –

After a late-night meeting with Star, Marco finds himself wrestling with his feelings for her. Bringing this information to both Star and Tom’s attention, Tom confesses that it may be linked to the blood moon that cast it’s light on Star and Marco during the Blood Moon Ball.

However, being bathed in the light of the blood moon, may have also cursed Star and Marco. Seeking help from Tom’s relation Relicor, they descend into the underworld, to try and break the curse.

As in the case of some stories when they really want to play with a character, Star is amped up to “super-cute” levels of playfulness at times, and Marco’s desperation about dealing with his emotions gives voice-actor Adam McArthur some of his funniest work so far this season.

Tom’s inclusion in Season 4 so far has been quite striking to see, and this episode shows how the writers are keeping his emotional reformation going…though it does seem a little odd that only now after all this time would he confess that he may have cursed his two friends. The writers also work in his ancient relation Relicor, who is quite well-versed in the curse of the blood moon.


Janna is once again involved, though seems to mainly be here to act as her typical no-help self, enjoying the torment and irritation that the others are going through. I guess it’s better than having Ponyhead along for the ride, abrasively criticizing everything and everyone.

Eclipsa shows up for what amounts to a minor cameo, though it is rather nice to hear her expounding some very sound advice about feelings.

What is surprising is the pace at which the story moves. It moves so quickly, that it doesn’t seem like we’ve been watching a 22-minute episode!

It is notable how much conversation there is in the story, though it feels like the show slows down a bit once we get to the underworld. There’s one bit I feel that could have been cut out, and maybe given us a few extra minutes at the end with Star and Marco. This was a good and entertaining episode, but it feels like it could have gone a little further, and become a great episode if they hadn’t stopped it where they did.


Best line from episode (said by Eclipsa): “Feelings are worth feeling, even if they hurt.”

Final Grade: B



Best honorable mention line from episode (said by Marco Diaz): “Oh no…it’s too cute!”

In my personal opinion, I never really liked the attempts to make Star and Marco a couple. While many of the younger fans celebrated their fan-shippings of the two, I often longed for those early days of the series, when Star and Marco were “just friends.” Seeing them in that form of a pairing was what originally kept me coming back for more, and I do wonder where things can go from here.

The ninth episode of Season 4, will return us to our two-segment storytelling. With titles like Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell, and Ghost of Butterfly Castle, what does the show have in store for us next? See you next time for another review!

Episode Review: Star vs the Forces of Evil (Season 4, Episode 7) – Out of Business / Kelly’s World

While the last episode of Star vs the Forces of Evil focused once again on Eclipsa and her trying to win over those around her, the seventh episode features some more intimate stories. We get a return to a previous locale, and the chance to explore a new one!



– Out of Business –

The inter-dimensional store called Quest Buy is going out-of-business, and Star, Marco, and Janna go to see what they can find. Their journey takes them to the Quest Buy stock room, and into an area that holds great danger for impressionable young people such as themselves.

With it’s massive size, I often felt that Quest Buy could hold plenty of potential to be a place where big adventures could be had. As it stands now, it sadly seems my imagination went beyond most of what the show’s writers imagined for the place.

This is more of a “wacky adventure” storyline, especially with Janna along for the ride (though just how she is able to get to Mewni, we still have no clue!). She ends up being the kooky element added to much of the interactions, and this story seems to confirm she has an uncomfortable obsession with Marco (though if we’ll ever know why or how she developed this, is most likely never going to be answered).

This was an okay storyline, and I am finding these little diversions from the Queen Eclipsa storyline to be rather intriguing, as we get to see our characters just be themselves for most of the time. Plus, this feels like one of the few stories so far, where Marco can be a bit off-the-wall.


Best line from segment (said by Baby Marco): “I’m Baby Marco and I’ve got wheels for hands! Wheeee!!!”

Final Grade: B-



– Kelly’s World –

Marco decides to visit Kelly, and finds her home-world to be a dimension composed of hair-based creatures and environments. Seeing her feeling depressed, Marco decides to help cheer her up, and they go off on a journey to return a library book.

When she was first introduced in Season 2, Kelly seemed little more than a side-character, but as the seasons have gone onward, she seems to have become a favorite of the writing staff. We also see she’s not far from her ex-boyfriend Tad, who still seems unable to cut ties after finding a new calling in life. However, I find this minor story-point to be something that may ring true to the older viewers. It also ties into Marco wrestling with his own feelings in regards to Star.

Marco ends up being our guide to this world, and we get to experience it through his eyes. The Woolettes are a hairy-yet-violent people, and it ties a little into why Kelly has a huge sword she carries around. The episode reminds me a little of Marco and Kelly’s interactions in the Lava Lake Beach story from last season. It almost seemed like the two were an on-again/off-again couple, but the show just didn’t go anywhere with it.

We have seen Marco and Kelly work well together in some storylines, and this one was an entertaining one, that makes me eager to see if we’ll get some more good stories with them before the end of the season.


Best line from segment (said by Kelly): “Yeah, it’s illegal in like, 12 dimensions!”

Final Grade: B



Best honorable mention line from episode (said by Unicorn Cake, in Out of Business): “Aw, don’t pay that no mind. It’s only raspberry!”

While I didn’t get the epic Quest Buy adventure I had hoped for in Out of Business, I was very surprised with the characterization and direction the storytelling took in the Kelly’s World segment. Much like how Ransomgram showed us a new environment and it’s world, the world of the Wooletts proved to be an intriguing new world to explore (if briefly).

The next episode gives us a full 22-minute story titled, Curse of the Blood Moon. The fandom has been going on-and-on(-and-on!) for 2 seasons about how the Blood Moon has made their “Starco” fanshippings a sure thing…but is it really true? See you back here soon for the next review.

Episode Review: Star vs the Forces of Evil (Season 4, Episode 6) – The Ponyhead Show / Surviving the Spider-Bites

This season of Star vs the Forces of Evil, feels like one of the first that’s had a pretty direct path regarding it’s storytelling.

Queen Eclipsa’s reign over Mewni is one of the larger stories, as she struggles to give the once downtrodden monster population greater freedom, while also having to put up with many who claim her to be pure evil.

This episode looks to try and do some things for her image on several fronts.



– The Ponyhead Show –

Star attempts to help Eclipsa become better acclimated with the mewman population. Flying Princess Ponyhead has started a streaming show, and she is willing to allow Eclipsa to appear on it…or so she says.

When it comes to Ponyhead, she’s one of those characters that you either want to laugh with, or throttle. This is sadly one of those stories where the writers have put her in uber-abrasive mode, which just doesn’t work for me. We also get some reappearances of Ponyhead’s sisters, though they seem moreso there for background noise.

One of the few bits of humor, comes from a cooking show segment involving Marco and Kelly. There’s one bit with Kelly that is still giving me chuckles even after the story ended.

Star and Eclipsa are part of the main subplot, as they try to help Eclipsa find an angle that may make her palatable to viewing audiences. Eclipsa even gets to sing a song, with the melody and imagery ending up being one of the other saving graces of this episode besides Marco and Kelly’s bit.

Sadly, Ponyhead’s overpowering persona is what keeps me from really enjoying the segment, and it’s another case where making a character overly-obnoxious, just doesn’t push my buttons.


Best line from segment (said by Kelly): “No no, I mean you did ruin wrestling for me that’s true but, you know I just walked around and dealt with it. Let’s go make some sandwiches, it’s not like you’ve never ruined anything before!”

Final Grade: C+



– Surviving the Spider-Bites –

Eclipsa has an important meeting with the royal Spider-Bite family, but Star can’t seem to find her. With important alliances on the line, Star attempts to stall them until Eclipsa can be located.

There’s a certain vibe to the episode that makes it almost seem like a variation on last season’s Monster Ball storyline. From the monster castle environment to the dress Star is wearing, it appears to be another scenario where she is trying to act as a unifier. For much of the segment, Star carries the narrative. It’s not the best, but I do sometimes like seeing stories where Star struggles to make the best of a bad situation.

Much like Lake House Fever, this episode looks to give us more information on the lesser-known Spider-bite family. However, their characterization feels like just a small step-up from when Star and Marco encountered Rich Pigeon and his royal family last season.

There are a few interesting subplots about appearances and history, that ended up adding some twists and turns that were quite unexpected. There are some added historical revelations that came to light, let alone some questionable actions of Eclipsa’s, that may cast doubt on her truly being good for the kingdom.

It helps that this segment starts getting interesting at the half-way mark, unlike some of the more lackluster episodes that suddenly spring the good stuff on us around the 3/4 mark.


Best line from segment (said by Star Butterfly): “Oh yeah, you cover up those dark secrets!”

Final Grade: B-



Best honorable mention line from episode (said by Marco Diaz, in The Ponyhead Show): “I never got to show off my Dad’s recipe for tortas ahogadas!”

Well, one story killed by Ponyhead, and another that gives some intriguing mystery to Eclipsa’s character.

Next, we return to the inter-dimensional store Quest Buy (for the final time?), in Out of Business. Then, Marco pays a visit to Kelly, in Kelly’s World. See you soon for the next review!

Star Wars Celebration Chicago – The Place to be for Star Wars Cosplay

When I attended the 2013 and 2017 D23 Expo’s in California, I was surprised by a number of Disney-related cosplays I saw, most notably some that were incredibly creative, and would surely never be seen outside of a Disney-related fan event.

Going to Star Wars Celebration Chicago, I was pretty sure I’d see plenty of the same when it came to a galaxy far far away, and I was not disappointed. Here are some cosplays I managed to snap pictures of, many of them characters you probably won’t see outside of a Star Wars convention setting.



Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make an entertaining costume. This person dressed up as the island of Ahch-to from The Last Jedi, complete with multiple Porgs.



I had a feeling I might see some characters from the film Spaceballs, and I was right! There were quite a few people who came dressed as Barf like this fellow here (though didn’t see a single Lone Star!).



Seeing minor characters is always surprising, and when I saw Larma D’Acy from The Last Jedi walk over to a booth, I had to snap a quick picture (she addresses the Resistance members of Leia’s ship after much of the command has been destroyed by the First Order).



A real “old-man Skywalker,” if ever there was one. You don’t want to know what he was wagging his finger at me about!




There were a number of Boba Fett cosplays, but this guy was going all-out to resemble the Kenner action figure from the 80’s (right down to the paint-scheme). He would even pose his arms as if he had no elbow joints!



There were a number of ‘men-in-suits-with-stormtrooper-helmets’ walking about, but this Hamilton-related mash-up was quite eye-catching.



This fellow didn’t speak English, but he did an amazing job on his battle-damaged Darth Vader cosplay, from the video game, The Force Unleashed.



Many know that Frank Oz is the voice of both Yoda and Grover, but this was the first time I had seen a mash-up of the two characters (would that make this fellow Yover, or Groda?)!



My first D23 Expo had me surprised how it wasn’t just youngsters dressing up, and the same held true at Celebration. This woman was dressed as an Imperial Technician.



I decided to have some fun, and dress up as George Lucas. Imagine my surprise, when I met another George (on the left!) who seemed to have also done his homework! Of the different George’s I saw this weekend, he gets my vote as the best representation of The Maker!



One character I enjoyed from Episode I, was Captain Panaka of Naboo. I was pleasantly surprised to see this fellow had dressed in his red-and-blue uniform.



There were a number of Emperor Palpatine’s to be seen, but I liked this guy’s yellowed teeth and demeanor. He even told me how he had sent one Vader to fetch him something…and Vader had complied!



Given we were dealing with Lucasfilm Ltd productions, I expected to see some Indiana Jones cosplays, but was very surprised when I encountered Dr Jones AND Willie Scott, from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom!



I was just as surprised to also encounter Short Round from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom! He even showed me one of the Sankara stones from Dr Jones’ knapsack!



Did you know Daft Punk were part of the Empire Strikes Back’s Norwegian filming unit? Well, they got the jackets, so it must be true!



I was hoping to see some more Rose Tico’s at this year’s convention. Out of all of them, I felt this girl pulled off the look very well.



One of the highlights of Solo, was Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian. This young man definitely looked the part, right down to that “trust me” smile on his face.



Aside from Lucas, one of the other recognizable behind-the-scenes people to the SW fandom, is Dave Filoni, who helped create the Clone Wars and Rebels TV shows. This guy had a Filoni-style black hat, and he even fooled a few people into thinking he was the real-deal.



These two are wearing original cosplay garments, inspired by the elitists on Canto Bight in The Last Jedi. Seems they’re checking out the upcoming Galaxy’s Edge Droid Depot, looking for some tech to weaponize and sell across the galaxy.



Word is this person won the Celebration‘s costume contest. This is a similar type of droid that was seen in The Force Awakens, walking outside Maz Kanata’s place.



It was exciting seeing how well some people resembled certain characters. This guy’s Count Dooku was spot-on!



A most unexpected mash-up, was this Tron-style Jedi, complete with neon lightsaber!



Another character that has rarely been brought to life, is the Dianoga from the Death Star’s trash compactor. It’s eye-stalk had the ability to swivel around.



A most unconventional cosplay, are these blue-milk men I encountered. The one on the right is also wearing a Blue Harvest patch (which was the codename for Return of the Jedi during it’s production!).



There were a number of great dresses based on Padme’s attire from the prequels, but I decided to post this woman’s version of her picnic dress from Attack of the Clones. I do like the airy, Shakespearean quality of the design.



There were a number of Rey’s on the convention floor, but this little girl trying to administer a Force-push had me quickly snap a pic!



This woman was one of several people dressed as a Canto Bight Police Officer from The Last Jedi. Her helmet even had the light-up designation over the visor!



I originally just wanted a picture with just the elder Leia, but she insisted I photograph her friends too (she even sounded a little like Carrie Fisher!).



This fellow is probably the closest many of us will get to meeting Alec Guinness. His uncanny resemblance had me quickly rush over and utter “hello there,” to get his attention and a picture!



I save my favorite cosplay for last, and for this show, it was this guy who was spot-on as Chirrut Imwe, from Rogue One! He had his eyes closed when I approached, but when he opened them, and I saw the cloudy blue circles, I felt I had chanced upon a really dedicated cosplayer. I’ve seen a number of other people online also be bowled over by his resemblance to Donnie Yen. Excellent work!


There were plenty more cosplays I wanted to post, but I’ve made it a rule to limit the picture count to 30. There was some wonderful dress-work regarding Amidala’s dresses, and even some great family cosplay groupings I saw. It’s often exciting to see when a whole family gets in on the fun.

If any of you readers are the cosplayers I snapped pics of, please leave a comment! Any tidbits about making your costumes, or stories about their creation, are always welcome!

Episode Review: Star vs the Forces of Evil (Season 4, Episode 5) – Yada Yada Berries / Down By The River

After a more “intimate” episode, the fifth episode of Star vs the Forces of Evil’s fourth season, attempts to show us more of what is happening to the world of mewmans and monsters.



– Yada Yada Berries –

During a breakfast get-together for local monsters, Eclipsa is almost turned to stone when yada yada berries are found in her oatmeal! Incensed by this attempt on the Queen’s life, Star and Marco set out to find the culprit.

The style of this episode is one of those “whodunit” affairs, with Star and Marco following leads, interrogating suspects, and looking for clues. While there is a little humor mined from Star being overly-dramatic at times looking for the culprit, the whole affair feels a little, ‘meh.’

It is during the end of the episode, that we get into some more storytelling regarding how the mewman population heavily distrusts Eclipsa and the changes she has been making. I wish there could have been a bit more focus on this part of the storyline. Most of the mewman population we see are in general “angry mob” mode like we’ve seen on The Simpsons. We do see Eclipsa making an effort to get to know the local monster population by having breakfast with them, yet one would hope she would attempt some sort of event to try and resolve the issues that the mewmans may have with her, on a more personal level.

An okay story at best, but one where it felt like there could have been a much stronger story to be told instead of the whodunit mystery angle.


Best line from segment (said by Star Butterfly): “Lookin’ for some answers…and ah’m gunna get em!”

Final Grade: C+



– Down By The River –

When a mewman family known as the Maizley’s find their house repossessed by it’s original monster-owner (thanks to a new decree by Queen Eclipsa), they set out to find a new home. Their journey leads them into the nearby forest, where they encounter (former Queen) Moon Butterfly, and (former King) River Johansen.

The episode wastes little time in turning this into an “annoying neighbors” storyline, as everything the Maizley’s attempt to do, soon begins to grate on Moon’s nerves. This is definitely a new side of Moon we haven’t seen before, but I would have preferred if the story didn’t get so heavy-handed with the “annoying family” gags.

The most notable bit of going overboard, is with the naivete of the Maizley family. They are totally oblivious to the fact that their former gigantic house was once owned by monsters, and the humor of them being unknowingly annoying at times, wore on me as deeply as it did on Moon herself. It was established early in the series that Mewni was not exactly a paradise for the non-royals, but this episode makes it seem like Moon Butterfly’s rule provided for the people, more than we could ever have imagined beyond the early depictions of the kingdom.

What did end up saving the episode for me, was getting to see Moon and River playing off each other. It is rare to see Moon lose her temper (or mind), and we also get to see some nice scenes of her and River cooperating, when the irritation of the Maizley’s brings them closer together.

It was also fun to see a monster from last season reappear as the house’s new owner. Plus, he’s another example of the monsters not showing any sort of malice towards mewmans (even going so far as to pack up the Maizley’s belongings before sending them on their way).


Best line from segment (said by River Johansen): “You don’t suppose The Hookman got them, do you?”

Final Grade: B-



Best honorable mention line from episode (said by Star Butterfly, in Yada Yada Berries): “B-b-b-but I wanted to crack the case!”

This episode seemed to show us how things are changing for a number of denizens within the kingdom, though sometime not for the best.

In the next episode, we get the return of Flying Princess Ponyhead in The Ponyhead Show, and the return of another of Mewni’s royal families, in Surviving the Spider-Bites. See you soon for the next Star vs the Forces of Evil review.