Episode Review: Star vs the Forces of Evil (Season 4, Episode 14) – Coronation

When it comes to 22-minute episodes of Star vs the Forces of Evil, the showrunners usually reserve these rarities for something big.

And with a title like Coronation, it looks like this could definitely fit the bill.



– Coronation –

Star has helped Eclipsa to put on an official, royal coronation. All seems to be going well…until it’s revealed that someone has unfrozen Globgor from his crystal imprisonment!

When it comes to her relationship with Eclipsa, Star has often seemed a bit more open-minded than most in the kingdom (including her Mom). While she has strived to help Eclipsa, there have been a few times this season where she has found herself questioning the former Queen’s motives. While this is Eclipsa’s coronation episode, Star does most of the “heavy-lifting” story-wise.

It is a little surprising that we are shown Globgor so soon after the last storyline. I had expected that maybe we’d get a little time to catch our breath, but here he is! There are also some embellishments made to his monster powers that we saw in The Monster and the Queen segment, and we get to see a number of persons freaked out by Globgor’s imposing form. However, if you saw his previous, un-crystallized appearance, you’ll see plenty of familiar touches to his character here.


What is notable about parts of this story, is how there are several threads from episodes we’ve already seen, that actually get tied into this one. That has been a saving grace for a number of stories this season, given how it seemed fairly common in previous seasons to be shown stuff that would never be resolved, or simply go nowhere.

We also get a small sub-plot in regards to Moon Butterfly, as well as the small mewman colony she and her husband River oversee. While Moon strives to just provide a safe-haven for displaced mewmans, the centuries-old thought that “monsters are evil” still has not totally washed away with Eclipsa’s taking back the throne (let alone the thought that she’s favoring monsters over them). This is something one rarely sees in an animated cartoon series, and the show has decided to not just wave a magic wand and make everyone see logic or reason, but prove that this is something that may take awhile to be resolved in this world.

There is also a rather mild sub-story, wherein during the emergency crisis, Marco, Tom, and a few others from the castle attempt to distract the coronation crowd with a talent show. I will admit it’s okay for a few laughs, including one scene that just feels like something that teenagers would totally do when performing.


By the time the episode ended, I was surprised to realize how satisfying I found the entire thing! There was not only drama, but emotion, action, fun, and a number of callbacks to various characters and plot-threads we’ve seen over the last few seasons. While I felt there were a few story hiccups here-and-there, the overall story was strong enough, that I found myself giving it one of the highest grades so far for season 4 episodes yet.

Coronation is definitely one of those “turning-point” episodes, and one can only wonder how the actions of what takes place within it, will shape the last seven episodes of Star vs the Forces of Evil.


Best line from episode (said by Janna): “Nice job, Eclipsa. I get it now.”

Final Grade: A-



Best honorable mention line from episode (said by random coronation attendee): “I don’t know how to respond to this shift in the paradigm!”

I wasn’t sure just what to expect with this episode. To me, it could have ended up as another Bon Bon the Birthday Clown, but instead, came out on top with a revelatory tone and feel, that made me as emotionally-involved as I was with last season’s episode, titled Toffee.

The next episode sees a return to the two-segment episode format. First up is Doop-Doop, where Star and Tom decide to take a little trip. Then, in Britta’s Tacos, Star goes back to Earth, and attempts to help Marco with a little quest of his own there. See you soon!


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