Episode Review: Star vs the Forces of Evil (Season 4, Episode 13) – A Boy and his DC-700XE / The Monster and the Queen

The last episode of Star vs the Forces of Evil, seemed to lead us off the beaten path with some side-stories, that were sort of…meh?

This week, we get a story with Tom and Marco, and…one with Eclipsa and Globgor!



– A Boy and his DC-700XE –

Marco and a number of other dragoncycle riders are going on the annual Kill Devil’s Pass event. This year, Marco has invited Tom to join them, but he seems to be having some troubles with his new dragoncycle.

This story seems to be follow in the foosteps of the Junkin’ Janna segment, in that we see Tom away from Star, trying to socialize with others. When it comes to his dragoncycle, the writers seem to have combined the general storylines of getting a new pet, and learning to ride a bicycle.

Marco comes across as the voice-of-reason here, trying to quell Tom’s frustrations. It has been awhile since the two shared some time together, and while it is an okay outing, it isn’t as memorable as some of their past ones.

There was also a story element regarding Marco and Kelly a few episodes ago, that I had hoped would lead somewhere…but this segment slams that door of possibilities shut in a manner of seconds.

While it does give us a break from the Eclipsa storyline, it feels like it struggles to keep us entertained at times.


Best line in segment (said by Quirky): “Oh thank goodness. He ain’t nothin’ but bruises!”

Final Grade: C+



– The Monster and the Queen –

While Star is shocked to find her fragment of the Book of Spells missing from her secrets closet, Eclipsa is off on a secret rendezvous…with Globgor!

What really got me excited about this segment, was getting to see and hear Globgor for the first time. Mexican actor Jaimes Camil gives the monster an accented voice that seems to almost run counter to what one would assume him to sound like. However, after awhile, the voice ends up working for the character.

Though Eclipsa did tell others that her husband was a vegetarian, there are some instances where we see Globgor get a bit angered and somewhat vengeful when it comes to mewmans. This does make one wonder if Eclipsa was telling the truth about him being reformed.

The concept of truth-telling also works into a small conversation between Eclipsa and Star. We had Moon in a previous episode say she didn’t trust Eclipsa, and now it may seem Star could be following in her mother’s footsteps, given certain elements we see here (including some dialogue that makes her sound very mature for her age!).

Stories that give us a peek into a character or characters, are incredibly entertaining to me. Season 3’s Moon the Undaunted (telling of Moon Butterfly’s actions following the death of her mother) is still one of my favorite segments, and this one feels like it may have cracked my Top 10.


Best line in segment (said by Globgor): “Ooooh. That’s creepy, Boo.”

Final Grade: A-



Best honorable mention line from episode (said by Star Butterfly, in The Monster and the Queen): “Are you seriously worried about what I think? Eclipsa, why don’t you ever worry about what your people think!?”

I guess this could be considered a better-than-average episode, given what we have to work with here. A Boy and his DC-700XE proved to be an okay diversion, while The Monster and the Queen delivered one of those most entertaining and entrancing segments in awhile!

The next episode to be reviewed, is titled Coronation. It’s a full 22-minute story, where Eclipsa will officially be crowned as Mewni’s Queen. What could possibly go wrong?


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