Episode Review: Star vs the Forces of Evil (Season 4, Episode 6) – The Ponyhead Show / Surviving the Spider-Bites

This season of Star vs the Forces of Evil, feels like one of the first that’s had a pretty direct path regarding it’s storytelling.

Queen Eclipsa’s reign over Mewni is one of the larger stories, as she struggles to give the once downtrodden monster population greater freedom, while also having to put up with many who claim her to be pure evil.

This episode looks to try and do some things for her image on several fronts.



– The Ponyhead Show –

Star attempts to help Eclipsa become better acclimated with the mewman population. Flying Princess Ponyhead has started a streaming show, and she is willing to allow Eclipsa to appear on it…or so she says.

When it comes to Ponyhead, she’s one of those characters that you either want to laugh with, or throttle. This is sadly one of those stories where the writers have put her in uber-abrasive mode, which just doesn’t work for me. We also get some reappearances of Ponyhead’s sisters, though they seem moreso there for background noise.

One of the few bits of humor, comes from a cooking show segment involving Marco and Kelly. There’s one bit with Kelly that is still giving me chuckles even after the story ended.

Star and Eclipsa are part of the main subplot, as they try to help Eclipsa find an angle that may make her palatable to viewing audiences. Eclipsa even gets to sing a song, with the melody and imagery ending up being one of the other saving graces of this episode besides Marco and Kelly’s bit.

Sadly, Ponyhead’s overpowering persona is what keeps me from really enjoying the segment, and it’s another case where making a character overly-obnoxious, just doesn’t push my buttons.


Best line from segment (said by Kelly): “No no, I mean you did ruin wrestling for me that’s true but, you know I just walked around and dealt with it. Let’s go make some sandwiches, it’s not like you’ve never ruined anything before!”

Final Grade: C+



– Surviving the Spider-Bites –

Eclipsa has an important meeting with the royal Spider-Bite family, but Star can’t seem to find her. With important alliances on the line, Star attempts to stall them until Eclipsa can be located.

There’s a certain vibe to the episode that makes it almost seem like a variation on last season’s Monster Ball storyline. From the monster castle environment to the dress Star is wearing, it appears to be another scenario where she is trying to act as a unifier. For much of the segment, Star carries the narrative. It’s not the best, but I do sometimes like seeing stories where Star struggles to make the best of a bad situation.

Much like Lake House Fever, this episode looks to give us more information on the lesser-known Spider-bite family. However, their characterization feels like just a small step-up from when Star and Marco encountered Rich Pigeon and his royal family last season.

There are a few interesting subplots about appearances and history, that ended up adding some twists and turns that were quite unexpected. There are some added historical revelations that came to light, let alone some questionable actions of Eclipsa’s, that may cast doubt on her truly being good for the kingdom.

It helps that this segment starts getting interesting at the half-way mark, unlike some of the more lackluster episodes that suddenly spring the good stuff on us around the 3/4 mark.


Best line from segment (said by Star Butterfly): “Oh yeah, you cover up those dark secrets!”

Final Grade: B-



Best honorable mention line from episode (said by Marco Diaz, in The Ponyhead Show): “I never got to show off my Dad’s recipe for tortas ahogadas!”

Well, one story killed by Ponyhead, and another that gives some intriguing mystery to Eclipsa’s character.

Next, we return to the inter-dimensional store Quest Buy (for the final time?), in Out of Business. Then, Marco pays a visit to Kelly, in Kelly’s World. See you soon for the next review!

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