Episode Review: Star vs the Forces of Evil (Season 3, Episode 15) – The Bogbeast of Boggabah / Total Eclipsa the Moon

So far, we’re well past the half-way point for Season 3 of Star vs the Forces of Evil.

This season, much of the focus has shifted to the inter-dimensional land of Mewni. We’ve seen the Kingdom of Mewni almost fall, Marco Diaz is now living in the castle, and we’ve learned that the former head of St Olga’s, Ms Heinous, is actually Meteora…the daughter of former Queen Eclipsa…who is still alive!

Like many viewers, I am hoping we’ll get some revelations to some of these things before the season ends. But for now, let’s see what episode 15 was all about.



– The Bogbeast of Boggabah –

As Queen Moon continues to prepare for Eclipsa’s trial, Star wants to discuss the events and revelations of the Monster Bash she attempted to put on a few episodes ago. However, Moon dismisses her daughter, and King River decides that now is a good time to take Star on a quest…a quest to find The Bogbeast of Boggabah.

This is another one of those episodes that makes you think you’re going down one path, only to suddenly direct you onto a number of others.

When it comes to River-centric storylines, I’ve become a little bored with these “crazy king” type of stories. River’s antics here reminded me of the earlier Season 3 episodes Marco and the King, and a bit of the story in King Ludo.

We are shown a little more in regards to Mewni beyond the castle walls, as well as some of it’s forested areas and those who dwell within, but sadly, much of the story just feels like a big distraction from a much better story between Star and Moon.

Boggabah tries to be humorous with River’s antics and Star’s frustrations, but I found myself being moreso on Star’s side of wanting to just get back to the castle. The story also throws in a new costume change for Star, but even that new addition to her wardrobe can’t seem to shake my feelings that this story just felt like another throwaway episode.

Even the tacked-on moral at the end, just didn’t have much weight to it.

Final Grade: C+


Best line from episode (said by King River): “MAKE! ME! PRETTYYYYY!!!’”



– Total Eclipsa The Moon –

Queen Moon continues to research former Queen Eclipsa’s history, but upon consulting with Eclipsa over records in the castle…finds that they seem to have been tampered with.

Eclipsa then requests they sneak into the Royal Archive in the Bureaucracy of Magic, to look for more information…a move that puts Moon on edge!

Unlike adventures with King River, it feels like almost every journey Queen Moon goes on, is another way to learn more about this (supposedly) proper figure.

The journey also manages to reveal more secrets regarding the Butterfly family, as well as the Bureaucracy of Magic.  Plus, we finally have a name for Eclipsa’s monster-husband!

The interaction between Moon and Eclipsa, reminded me a bit of seeing Moon interact with Buff Frog earlier this season. In both situations, she started out seeming uneasy around this other figure, but softened towards them as more things were revealed.

It’s not a very strong story, but it has moments along it’s meandering journey, that made it more memorable than Bogbeast. Plus, it provided clues that I feel will actually lead onto future revelations within the series.

Final Grade: B-


Best line from episode (said by Eclipsa): “Have you got a hairpin?”



Best honorable mention line from episode (said by King River, in The Bogbeast of Boggabah): “I lied, just as my father lied to me, and his father lied to him and his father lied-he was a liar.”

This feels like the second time this season where we’ve returned from hiatus, with an episode that has a rather blase first part, and a semi-intriguing second part.

What was most notable, is that the stories tied into a specific time-frame, showing how Star and River went on one adventure, leaving Moon and Eclipsa to have one of their own. However, I feel that Moon got more out of her adventure than Star did.

There also was the observation that both Star and Moon are the frustrated ones in their stories, paired up with someone who is a bit off-the-wall, and they come out the other end of the story, having learned something. In the end though, it is Moon’s journey that proves to be the more memorable one, and Star’s just feels forgettable.

Over the three seasons, we’ve only had a few times where Star and her mother actually had episodes where they got to interact more as mother and daughter. I am hoping maybe with some revelations coming around the bend, we’ll get that dynamic back before the end of the season.


Well, this episode was just okay…but I’m really looking forward to the next one!

Next episode, Eclipsa is finally put on trial before the Magic High Commission, in Butterfly Trap. Then, in Ludo Where Art Thou, the little despot’s younger brother Dennis, goes on a quest to find his missing relation. See you back here real soon!


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One response to “Episode Review: Star vs the Forces of Evil (Season 3, Episode 15) – The Bogbeast of Boggabah / Total Eclipsa the Moon”

  1. Lance says :

    I like how they’ve been developing Eclipsa this year. The more we get to know her, the less evil and scary she seems. In fact, she comes across a little as the queen who never bothered to fully grow up. The revelation that she can only do magic with a wand was a big one, I think. Far from scary, she seems almost pitiable. Clearly Star and Moon are far more powerful than she, unless she’s cleverly hiding something.


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