An Animated Dissection: My Top 10 Favorite Star vs the Forces of Evil segments, from Season 2

A few weeks ago, I gave my verdict on my 5 least-favorite segments, from the second season of Star vs the Forces of Evil.

Now, a few weeks later, I think I’m ready to reveal the 10 story segments that I enjoyed the most out of the second season of the show.

This year’s list is a bit more extensive, given there were over 38 10-12 minute segments this season to choose from.  So, let’s dive in and see what I thought!

Note:  This Top 10 list only covers the stories that spanned 10-12 minutes. 22-minute episodes like “Bon Bon the Birthday Clown,” “Face the Music,” and “Starcrushed,” are excluded, given the extra time and storytelling makeup.



10. Game of Flags

I won’t lie: trying to come up with the segment to go into the ’10’ slot on these lists, is usually the hardest thing to do. I bounced around segments such as Just FriendsThe Hard Way, and Gift of the Card, but in the end, settled on Game of Flags.

This story gives us a little more background into Star’s family (with both the Butterfly and Johansen clans), as well as their yearly game of ‘flags,’ which Star is eager to take part in.

We get some background and insight into how both sides of Star’s family seem to revel in a game that is pretty ridiculous. In the end, Star realizes this, and attempts to make a change to the family tradition.

Most notable in regards to this segment, is how we get to see some more of Moon Butterfly (aka Star’s Mom), being a little more attentive towards her daughter. Some additional information is revealed about Moon, AND, a positive reinforcement from mother to daughter, regarding some things that Star believes in.



9. Friend-Enemies

When it came to seeing a full return of Star’s ex-boyfriend Tom, I don’t think anyone could have comprehended what this episode would be (well, aside from hundreds who assumed from the promo art, that the two were possibly going to embark on a love odyssey of fan-gasmic proportions!).

Instead, we get the two finding out that despite their dislike of certain things (and each other), they do find common ground on some things, such as their enjoyment of music by the group, Love Sentence.

We get some great music by Brian H Kim, as well as Nick Lachey doing vocals for the song, Awesome Feeling. And, we get Tom and Marco doing a duet, which I think elevated the story in some people’s eyes (and probably won voice actors Adam McArthur and Rider Strong some additional followers on Twitter!).

There’s also a sub-story in regards to a karate master Marco and Tom both like, and while it isn’t the strongest sub-story, where Friend-Enemies took it, was pretty satisfying (and humorous)!



8. Ludo in the Wild

While Ludo has been a major fixture in Season 2, this story stands out, as an example that Season 2 was not going to be like the first season. Most notable, is that Star Butterfly is not actually part of the overall storyline!

The tone of the piece is almost like a nature documentary, as we see Ludo struggling in the aftermath of the end of Season 1, and how a discovery of his, will lead to even more dangerous things later on.

Despite being a pivotal story, Wild ranks lower in the Top 10, due to the somewhat repetitive nature, and Wile E Coyote style humor of the world just treating Ludo like a punching bag. However, as the story goes on, we see him fight back, and re-evaluate his direction in life.



7. Fetch

I will admit, my first viewings of this story didn’t really do much for me. But as the season has gone on, it’s grown on me.

It’s a great character study, seeing how Star deals with a dog that won’t let go of her wand. We’ve seen her often being off-the-wall, but in this story, she tries to be logical with a few sub-characters, who get to be the weirdos in the story.

Marco also is pretty much the straight-man of the story, telling Star that she needs to resolve this problem on her own. There’s also an ‘Earth-world problems’ subplot for Marco, showing him trying to drink from a juice pouch.

Most notable in the segment, is a wonderful little piano bit near the end by Brian H Kim, that sounds eerily reminiscent of some Japanese dramas or emotional anime, as the story attempts to cross it’s final hurdle.



6. Naysaya

Marco Diaz trying to get together with his crush Jackie Lynn Thomas, was like ‘catnip’ to me throughout the first season. When I found out this subplot would be continuing on in Season 2, I was eager for more stories of Marco working through his feelings.

Marco having to deal with the little Naysaya head that tells his most embarrassing secrets, is one story I couldn’t keep off here. The plot-point helps prove that once again, Marco Diaz is the kind of guy who can try to power through the worst of things, if he puts his mind to it.

Plus, we get Star being a caring friend and enthusiastic cheerleader, as she keeps trying to get her ‘bestie’ to ask out Jackie. Pretty much everytime Star was on-screen, I had a smile on my face.

Just like the story in Sleepover, we get a little more information on Jackie, though she’s still somewhat of a character enigma by the end of the piece. However, the final moment was one of my favorites, and is currently my iPhone’s lock-screen image.



5. Sleepover

In some cases, this story could be seen as somewhat of a throwaway segment, but it has some nice bits buried deep within it’s structure.

The sleepover aspect, as well as dragging Marco into the festivities is rather fun. The typical ‘truth-or-dare’ game ramped up to the inter-dimensional game of “Truth or Punishment,” proves to be quite entertaining, even if at the end, it gets a bit weird.

However, what saves the storyline, is Marco finally admitting his feelings for Jackie, and, we get some further insight into Star’s feelings, as well as a rather interesting analysis of people’s emotions, and how they can change over time.



4. Heinous

After her rather lackluster appearance in the season 2 segment Gift of the Card, I wondered if we’d get a proper episode with the former headmistress of St Olga’s Reform School for Wayward Princesses, and lo and behold, we got this!

This wasn’t quite what I was expecting for a full-return of Heinous (as well as her sidekick Gemini, who finally has his name revealed here!), but the storyline was one I was rather intrigued by.

Instead of an all-out brawl, Marco’s parents want him and Star, to find a compromise with Heinous, who has fallen on hard times after being cast out of St Olga’s. Rarely does one get a story where a non-violent compromise is attempted, and it’s resolution proves to be a well-done little surprise, with the return of “Princess Marco.”

There’s also a fun resolution to a money-based gag that has been heard throughout the season.



3. Mr Candle Cares

I have a feeling many will discount this story, but to me, it was one of the first this season, that seemed to get a bit deep, in regards to relationships, and what the future could hold for the characters.

Most notable, was seeing Star get very quiet about realizing that no matter what she wants to do, she still has the duties of becoming a Queen hanging over her head.

There also is the reunion of Marco Diaz, and Tom, Star’s ex-boyfriend. Their small scene seems to play off as rather ‘boring,’ but I feel there’s some interesting revelations about the characters. Tom reveals his thoughts on Star, and Marco reveals his feelings about relationships and couplings (“You can’t make Star be your girlfriend, unless she wants to.”).

Humor isn’t very prevalent in this storyline, but the few moments that it does appear, are still some that are stuck in my head, months later.



2. Spider with a Top Hat

Much like Ludo in the Wild, this segment also attempted to do something out of the ordinary.

We get to see where Star Butterfly’s myriad spells ‘live,’ and get the chance to shine a light on a character that seemed pretty insignificant.

This story may not be as entertaining for younger audiences, given how we see Spider and his cohorts dealing with their daily life of helping Star, as well as the question of, “what is my purpose in life?” That storytelling angle of playing to some of the ‘older’ viewers, was definitely noteworthy in my eyes, and made me feel that some of the writers may have brought some of their own life experiences to the table when storyboarding this one.

The ending has a pretty great payoff, though I find it’s smaller, character-driven moments with Spider with a Top Hat being emotional, helped propel this story up the chain.



1. Running with Scissors

Yes yes, I know: my favorite 11-minute segment, and Star Butterfly isn’t the main character in it!

When Marco Diaz uses Star’s dimensional scissors, he meets up with Magic High Commission member Hekapoo, who gives him a task to get them back.

This was not just a fun and emotional storyline, but one that got incredibly mind-bending after awhile, managing to put weird and wild together, and come to a place I and many others, could probably never have fathomed!

As the story winds down, it ends up leaving us with plenty of questions, as well as some pretty heavy emotional scenes, underscored by some great music by Brian H Kim, which might be his most emotional piece so far for the series!

Sadly, it feels like the ending was quickly forgotten in stories going forward, but for a brief moment, Star vs the Forces of Evil, made me deeply ponder the ramifications and journey that Marco Diaz had just been on…one that the fans could surely speculate and build upon in fanfiction or discussions outside of the series!


And there you have it: the 10 segments from season 2, that just really impressed me a great deal!

Keep in mind that this list is based on my tastes, and I’m sure there are some who didn’t see some of their faves make the list.

As always, would love to read in the comments what you Star fans think. Did anything match up? Was there a segment that you really enjoyed? Always up for a discussion on the series, as we wait impatiently for what season 3 has in store for Mewni, and possibly, Earth.

As stated in my previous Star-related article, I got a few other things I want to discuss about the season, and hopefully, I’ll have another article soon for you fans out there.



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9 responses to “An Animated Dissection: My Top 10 Favorite Star vs the Forces of Evil segments, from Season 2”

  1. Julianna (Animation Discourse) says :

    What a great top 10 list! About half of them would make it on my list as well. I could definitely see why you enjoyed each of these episodes, even the ones that aren’t my personal top picks. They are all really solid and have excellent revelations and/or storytelling elements.

    I’m really glad that you placed Mr. Candle Cares high on your list. It would probably be my number one (excluding the 22-minute episodes). Watching Tom and Marco interact is always a treat, and Star acknowledging her future role as Queen of Mewnie helps to ground the series back to its premise. Before this episode, Star has been blissfully ignoring her future role in her kingdom, so it was pretty refreshing to witness her stress over this.


    • MWH1980 says :

      Yes, “Mr Candle Cares” to me, is one story that many seem to just gloss over.

      It is often intriguing to see a character who is so peppy and eager, but then something takes the wind out of their sales, and we see them trying to cope or figure things out.

      It was similar to the MLP episode “Party of One,” where we see Pinkie Pie slow down, and become a bit more introspective over a situation.

      Plus, MCC shows Marco being a person who attempts to be logical, notable in how he talks Tom through his feelings for Star. I do get tired of people claiming Marco’s speech is somehow connected to his ‘romantic feelings,’ but no! It’s about him looking at Star as a ‘friend.’ Like in “Blood Moon Ball,” where he is concerned for her well-being (“Star, never go with a predator, to a second location.”).


      • Julianna (Animation Discourse) says :

        Yes I totally agree, his friendship with Star means a lot to him, and it really shines through in MCC. As a Starco shipper myself, I could see why people read his chat with Tom as his romantic feelings towards her shining through; but whether romantic or platonic, the episode really showcases how Marco deeply cares for her—which was its main selling point.
        Hahaha and that line in Blood Moon Ball kills me. I actually believe that BMB is the only episode that hints at Marco’s potential feelings towards Star. But this could just be my shipper heart talking. It is a great episode as well! And would definitely be in my top five of the series as a whole.
        Since you made a list specifically for season 2, I’m guessing you have your season 1 picks on a blog post somewhere as well..?


      • MWH1980 says :

        I’m all for them just being platonic.

        I also am deeply moved by how they made Star this BFF in “Naysaya,” trying to be there for Marco through everything, constantly being the ‘cheerleader’ in trying to get him to keep pursuing Jackie, let alone her trying to be supportive after he slams his head into the table.

        Though I think one of the best examples of her being a good friend, is that rather garish bit where she twists her finger under the door and gives him that pep-talk, with the twinkly music of Brian H Kim in the background. To me, that moment shows just what being a friend should be.

        Regarding Season 1 Lists:

        Top 5 Faves –

        5 Least Faves –


      • Julianna (Animation Discourse) says :

        Star was so supportive in that episode! It was great to watch. And just witnessing how conflicted she was after Marco found out about her feelings towards him in Face the Music shows how much she cares about their friendship. She tries so hard not to ruin their dynamic, even if it means brushing aside her own feelings (like in the episode Just Friends). She wants him to be happy and knows that Jackie is a major factor to his happiness. She doesn’t want to complicate anything. And if it wasn’t for Ruberiot spilling the beans, I highly doubt that she would confess herself.

        Although I’m all for Starco, seeing how much they care for each other as friends is definitely more than enough.


  2. Digamma-F-Wau says :

    y’know looking at both your lists; the episodes you like the most that the fandom overall seems to like Spider in a Top Hat (most of the fandom finds kinda meh) and Fetch (most of the fandom would probably outright put in their bottom 5 list). in contrast, the episode you like the least that the fandom likes the most is Crystal Clear (which I can see many fans putting in their top ten). Anyways opinions are opinions, and in the end it’s not a big deal, just something interesting I saw.

    I personally don’t really have an episode I dislike that most of the fandom likes, but I do find myself really enjoying Star on Wheels (even though the common fandom reaction seems to be a bit more negative)


    • Digamma-F-Wau says :

      *the episodes you like the most that the fandom overall seems to dislike


    • Julianna (Animation Discourse) says :

      The story behind Spider in a Top Hat was alright, but I think it just really added to the mythology of the series. It’s fun knowing that all of the spells that Star conjures up involve magical creatures living in her wand. Although it wouldn’t be on my list, I enjoy what it adds to the series.
      Fetch is another episode that wouldn’t make it on my list, but I like the justification of it showcasing Star’s attempt at a logical approach. I never really thought of it in this way until reading this post.

      And Crystal Clear is hilarious! That one would be on my list for sure. The humour is on point and Rhombulus is just ridiculous. Star’s personality really shines through here. Rhombulus isn’t fond of her in the slightest at first, but after five minutes of talking, she wins him over by simply being herself.

      Star on Wheels was a funny episode as well, I could see why it isn’t as highly rated in the fandom because it is a filler. But Svtfoe has had a few poor filler episodes, and SOW is definitely not one of them.


    • Julianna (Animation Discourse) says :

      Girls’ Day Out is another filler that I actually really enjoyed! I’m not sure what the general consensus is on this one. I know it made it on the blog writer’s list of least favourite episodes, but it’s one that I personally find fun and entertaining


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