Episode Review: Star vs the Forces of Evil (Season 2, Episode 16) – Baby / Running with Scissors

Wow. Probably not since I decided to review the entire first season of Star vs the Forces of Evil, have I done another review so close to the previous one.

But, this is the world we live in, where new episodes are going to be popping up every few days, until we hit that magic Season 2 finale, at the end of February.

Well, enough chit-chat, let’s dive into episode 16 of Season 2!




Concerned for her daughter’s magical training, Moon Butterfly sends Star’s fairy godmother named Baby, to have her evaluated.

Pretty soon, Star finds herself trying to make a good impression on Baby, while Marco is tasked with providing refreshments during the evaluation.

While I was entertained by Baby, I can see this story dividing some of the viewers, when it comes to entertainment value. My guess is some of the younger viewers might find it odd, while some of us who have been in the workplace for awhile, will get the humor in regards to Baby’s ‘interesting’ evaluation methods.

When it comes to characters, Baby is a strange amalgamation of cuteness, along with a facial expression that rarely belies what she is thinking, as she scribbles on her clipboard. Star’s father at one point calls her a ‘monster,’ but it’s hard to tell if she really is one, or if he’s just upset that she ate up his food (Baby has a bottomless appetite, that is used for comedic value in a few places).

If you’ve ever seen an episode of The Big Bang Theory, than Baby’s voice should sound familiar. Actress Melissa Rauch voices this new character with a cutesy tone, that has a slight, ‘off’ quality to it.

This is a segment that seems to shoot right for the middle. It feels like an important story, and yet, it doesn’t. There aren’t a lot of major revelations, and it feels like a smaller piece of the overall jigsaw puzzle, as we hurtle towards the end of Season 2. However, the items we’ve been told here in Baby, at least feel a bit more concrete than the revelations we were given in last episode’s segment, titled Raid the Cave.

Final Grade: B


Best line from segment (said by Baby): “…how do you think it should work?”



-Running with Scissors-

Not wanting to take the laser-puppies out for a walk in the rain, Marco borrows Star’s dimensional scissors, and manages to get the job done without leaving his room.

However, he soon abuses the power of the scissors, and is accosted by Hekapoo, who is the forger of all dimensional scissors.

Marco’s attempts to retrieve the scissors, soon leads him on a journey…one he could probably never have imagined undertaking.

As a character, Marco is often a fascinating study for me. While Star has magic powers to help her out, seeing an ordinary human being like Marco thrust into extraordinary situations, is greatly entertaining. Plus, as we’ve seen in other episodes, he is not one to give up when obstacles are thrust in his way.

This was one segment that I had no idea where it was going…and where it went, was somewhere that just blew my mind!

When I first saw Hekapoo in the segment Page Turner earlier this season, I simply assumed she’d be a one-shot background character. However, this segment shows that she serves a far greater purpose in the world of inter-dimensional travel. Of course, I am now curious as to why she was included in the Magic High Commission’s meeting in Page Turner (I’m guessing that the forging of dimensional scissors isn’t very profitable, and is more of a hobby for her?).

Much like how some segments made Star’s acquaintances Tom and Princess Pony Head seem less annoying, this segment really made Hekapoo a palatable character in my eyes. She definitely seems to fit into the archetype of a demon or a trickster, with the task she gives Marco. If she had a human equal, I’d say she could be an inter-dimensional version of Star and Marco’s human friend, Janna.

Another fun piece of the puzzle, is that we get more backstory on just where Princess Pony Head got those dimensional scissors she gave to Star in the segment, Party with a Pony.

This is a segment I could see spawning so many fanfictions within the Star community, both related to Hekapoo, and Marco’s journey. We’re only shown a fraction of what seems to be a truly huge story, and that in itself, with it’s myriad possibilities, makes the ‘teaser’ that is this segment, so much fun to watch!

If it seems I haven’t given away much regarding this segment, that’s for the best. To tell much more about it, is to give away so many of it’s mind-blowing scenes (I’m still trying to come to terms with some of them even now). Coupled with Brian H Kim’s music, they still give me pause to ponder (especially the final scene!).

Final Grade: B+


Best line from segment (said by Hekapoo): “You humans are lame times a thousand. Boop!”



Best honorable mention line from episode (said by Star Butterfly, in Running with Scissors): “Oh no. He’s gone scissor-happy.”

…whoa…this episode is that rare one-two punch where both segments make for a wholly-entertaining 22 minutes!

Baby continues to build up the show’s Mewnian lore, as well as give some more insight into Star’s abilities, and hint at what the future could possibly hold. The overall segment is not very strong, and while many can probably guess the outcome, Baby’s low-key evaluation methods provided me with plenty of entertainment.

Running with Scissors to me, is one of the highlights of the season. A Marco-centric storyline, that shows just how far he’ll go to prove himself, even if the situation may not be totally safe. Star takes a backseat in this story, but I think like myself, you’ll be a tad more entranced by Hekapoo, and her demonic wiles.


Now this was an episode, that makes me eager for what the next one will bring! Episode 17 of Season 2, will feature Star having to deal with mathematics (and possible repercussions?), and we are going to be making a return visit to the inter-dimensional Bounce Lounge (last scene in Season 1). See ya real soon!


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    I think you must’ve meant Brian H. Kim’s music, as he is the show composer! 🙂


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