Episode Review: Star vs the Forces of Evil (Season 2, Episode 13) – Page Turner / Naysaya

Last week saw the return of Star vs the Forces of Evil from a short hiatus, bringing forth further revelations, both with characters, and the history of the world of Mewni.

This week somewhat continues that same trend, but episode 13 has some of its own twists and turns to maneuver through.



-Page Turner-

When Glossaryck of Terms suggests Star choose what to study next in her wand’s instruction manual, she zeroes in on some forbidden texts about one of her ancestors.

Glossaryck is all set to make sure things don’t get too out-of-hand…until he’s summoned to a special meeting by the Magic High Commission. Unfortunately, trying to get to said meeting, is not as easy as it sounds.

You know those commercials, that make you think something big is going to happen to the show you’re watching? Well, Page Turner is like one of those commercials: they tease you, and then, instead of going down the expected path, they veer hard-right! Personally,  I feel we got more meaningful revelations in last episode’s segment, Into the Wand!

This segment mainly belongs to Glossaryck, as we see him dealing with the rigors of magical bureaucracy, which is like dealing with the incompetency of Quest Buy’s sloths, and Roy from the Goblin Dogs segment.

Once we started following Glossaryck on his own little adventure, I was fearful that this segment would probably fall apart. However, it just barely holds itself together, as we get a new location, and a number of new creatures to deal with (though the big question is, will they return for a more meaningful story in the future?), let alone one inconvenience after another.

There are still some revelations to be had (and a familiar face or two show up near the end), but, it feels like quite a lot of ‘nothing,’ to get to the few moments of ‘something’ the segment has been leading up to.

Final Grade: B


Best line from segment (said by Glossaryck of Terms): “I don’t know! ‘Is everything alright?’ ‘Did you get on the right flight?’ ‘Are you running late?’ ‘Are you cracked?’ ‘Are you confused?’ ‘Are you MAD!!?'”




Marco works up the courage to ask Jackie Lynn Thomas to hang out, but finds himself saying something totally embarrassing, every time he tries. Things don’t get much better when a small head grows out of his neck, and randomly shouts out his insecurities at inopportune moments!

As a person who has been looking forward to a segment focusing on Marco working through his feelings for Jackie, Naysaya was a ray of sunshine. Plus, several of Marco’s reactions, I could totally relate to (pounding your head on the table after a crushing emotional defeat? Yeah, I’ve been there, Marco).

Star and Janna also provide some decent support in the segment, with Star acting as a cheerleader to Marco’s wooing attempts, and Janna adding dribbling bits of snark regarding his misfortunes. What’s also fun, is that they find nothing freaky about the little Naysaya growing out of Marco’s neck.

The miniature head known as Naysaya, is almost like a combination of Stewie Griffin from Family Guy, and the overfilled zit Pustulio, from Invader Zim (luckily, with no possibility of a pus explosion!). He doesn’t get a whole lot of character development for mostly being the voice of Marco’s innermost secrets, but there is at least a small backstory showing that his growth is not an isolated incident.

Also welcome, was hearing Grey Griffin voicing more of Jackie. Following the segment Sleepover, it is nice to hear how Grey works the valley girl vibe with Jackie, regarding most of what Marco says.

There are also some past references, to tie Naysaya into other segments us die-hard fans know and love. Notable among these, is Janna’s infatuation with getting access to everything Marco has or owns (seriously, will we ever find out what is up with that!?).

Where it feels like the segment doesn’t reach high enough, is how it spends a little too much time with the multiple confessions of embarrassment from Marco and Naysaya. I understand teenagers have a lot of insecurities (been there, done that), but it feels like they could probably have used a few of those minutes for some other things. Plus, a few things Marco mentions that are meant to sound endearing, may make some go, “um, that’s a bit freaky.”

In the end, this is one segment that I enjoyed, but I could see certain fanshippers hissing at it like a scared cat. It does bring some questions into play as to what the future may bring (especially after what we see in the last 30 seconds!), and I hope some future segments will build on the character development shown here.

Final Grade: B


Best line from segment (said by Star Butterfly): “Ohhh, you made a little Marco Junior!”



Best honorable mention line from episode (said by Marco Diaz): “Uh, Janna? That’s, that’s, not his hand, that’s-“

Like several episodes this season, this one was a bit of a mixed bag.

Page Turner‘s title seemed to promise hidden secrets, but instead, turned into a character study for Glossaryck of Terms. Though it was somewhat interesting to find out a bit more about where he’s been (and where he’s going), this segment may prove a disappointment to those who expected more secrets to be revealed, following last episode’s segment, Into the Wand.

Naysaya to me, ends up being the stronger and more entertaining of the two segments, and has some decent replay value. As someone who has longed to see more time given over to Marco working through his feelings for Jackie Lynn Thomas, I was willing to forgive the plot’s rather repetitive nature of just throwing out most of Marco’s ‘dirty laundry,’ in the form of the segment’s talking head. Star and Jackie also keep the comedy flowing in this piece, acting as both angel and devil to Marco’s conflicted emotions for his crush.


starep213-6(And now, we come to that most cherished of gifts from this series. Next week, we get a full, 22-minute episode! We had two in Season 1, and this is the first for Season 2. The title of this upcoming episode? “Bon Bon the Birthday Clown.” Yeah, not as exciting as our previous full-episode release titles. Early summaries tell of Janna taking Star to a dead clown’s seance, but Star seems a little perturbed about Marco taking Jackie to a dance. Could this be an episode where my hopes and dreams for Marco and Jackie are dashed, and the younger, more rabid fanshippers will be dancing in the streets? Come back in 7 days, and we’ll find out!)


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