Episode Review: Star vs The Forces of Evil (Season 2, Episode 7) – Goblin Dogs / By The Book

Boy, that hiatus felt like it went on forever!

The good news is, we’re due for a number of Star vs The Forces of Evil episodes for a few more weeks now, though it stands to be seen how long this will last (if I know Disney, another hiatus can’t be too far down the road!).

But, let’s not think about that now. We’ve got a new episode (with two new segments) to review!



-Goblin Dogs-

At the request of Flying Princess Pony Head, Star and Marco go to another dimension, in order to taste one of the most talked-about food sensations: The Goblin Dog! However, their road to getting one of the coveted meat products, may be a bit rockier than they imagined.

With a journey to obtain a much sought-after item, I seriously expected this segment to turn into The Banagic Incident. Luckily, that wasn’t the case.

Though Marco and Star do figure into the story (along with Pony Head’s green-haired friend, Kelly), the segment feels like it is moreso channeling a story about keeping together as a group, through thick-and-thin.

Seeing how the writers and the showrunners handle the modern-day horror of standing in long lines, I couldn’t help but be reminded of some of my own lengthy stands (such as in comic convention lines, or going to Disneyland). I’m sure the writers dipped deep into their own well of past experiences for this segment.

Jenny Slate returns to voice Pony Head, her character’s first appearance after being freed from St Olga’s School for Wayward Princesses. It almost seems like that experience has done her some good, as Pony Head is not as abrasive as she was before, and actually made me chuckle quite a bit in this segment. Plus, she provides some added story on what has become of the imposing institution.

When it comes to Goblin Dogs, the creature holding the keys to them, is a little goblin named Roy (voiced by Jerry Trainor). Jerry voices Roy, almost like a combination of an internet troll, and Gene Wilder’s take on Willy Wonka. Half-the-time, it’s hard to tell if Roy is being genuine, or if he’s just trying to get our goat.

Like other segments, there is a very minor subplot interspersed into this segment, and this one deals with lying. However, it comes and goes, almost like an unneeded afterthought.

Much like Star vs Echo Creek, the fun in this segment, was seeing just where all the twists and turns on the journey, would lead. If you’re like me, the last few minutes will stick in your mind (though I can’t tell you why).


Best line from segment (said by Star Butterfly): Oh come on, Marco! Pony Head didn’t mean that. She’s just a liar!

Final Segment Grade: B



-By The Book-

Back on the planet Mewni, Ludo is still attempting to get the hang of using his new wand. However, he soon thinks that a trip to Earth may be just what the ‘wand’ ordered.

On Earth, Glossaryck of Terms is attempting to get Star Butterfly to learn new spells, via her enormous tome of an instruction manual. However, Star’s attention-span is not eager to do these lessons, and she ends up accidentally insulting Glossaryck, who soon refuses to emerge from a box of donuts.

By the Book joins past segments like Wand to Wand, as we see more about what has become of the Mewnian Royal Sceptre, now that it has been cleaved in two.

Most notable about this segment, is that Glossaryck ‘almost’ attempts to make an effort to assist and train Star. Though it’s clearly opposite day, as he’s attempting to get something done, and Star is being counter-productive.

The attempts to get Glossaryck to become pro-active again, may put some in mind of the antics from last season’s segment, Cheer Up, Star. However, they aren’t quite as humorous.

Star’s personality in this one almost reminded me of her youthful stubbornness from Star On Wheels, given that for much of the segment, she doesn’t want to do something, before finally giving the idea a try at the end…and finding out the thing she was against doing, actually can help in big ways.

What really made my eyes go wide, was that after 7 episodes, we finally got to see Ludo and Star face off…though it wasn’t quite the massive magic match-up that I had hoped for. If anything, it shows how the cleaving of the wand has affected the power contained in both halves of the star-shaped symbol.

Plus, there is the rather ominous addition that the wand can now ‘talk’ to Ludo. As we’ve seen in previous episodes, a miniature unicorn powers Star’s wand…so who (or what) is powering Ludo’s wand?

The storyteller’s attempts to tie together more information about the wand, with some minor character-building for Glossaryck, almost works, but it still feels like the storytelling is trying hard to tie everything together in a nice little package.


Best line from segment (said by Star Butterfly): We’re friends! I just don’t have, ‘fun’ with you!

Final Segment Grade: B



Best honorable mention line from episode (said by buff female creature in line for Goblin Dog): In mah mouth! I want it in mah mow-!

Episode 7 of Season 2, seems to continue the trend of trying to steer us away from the rather random storytelling of Season 1, with one segment acting as a puzzle-piece to what is hopefully going to be an exciting end-game for the season.

Goblin Dogs is a decent group segment, that fills us in on what Pony Head has been up to, while also giving us some relatable real-world situations, but taking place in another dimension.

By the Book brings Glossaryck of Terms a bit more into the spotlight, which becomes a battle against the segment’s second storyline, with Ludo facing off against Star, pitting their wands against each other.


(Next week’s episode, by the looks of some poster art on creator Daron Nefcy’s Twitter account, looks to take a break from the current Ludo-based subplot. First up, is “Game of Flags,” which appears to possibly involve barbarians, with some form of ‘capture the flag’ antics(?). This will be accompanied by “Girls’ Day Out,” and with fan-favorite supporting character Janna on the poster image, it looks like she’ll be getting one of her biggest appearances since “Interdimensional Field Trip” last season. See you guys back here in 7 days!)


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