Episode Review: Star vs The Forces of Evil (Season 2, Episode 6) – Starsitting / On the Job

So far, season 2 of Star vs the Forces of Evil is shaping up to be a different entity than its first season.

It really does feel like Star Butterfly has become a different character in the last 5 episodes we’ve seen. While she still is a little crazy in how she acts, it feels like she’s become a bit more ‘grounded.’ We’ve had some nice episodes that showed her slowing down and trying to understand new things, and Marco Diaz seems to usually be there to try and (logically) wrangle her in on a few occasions.

We’ve also got a smaller, parallel story running under Star’s, as we’ve seen the villainous Ludo return, but doing a number of things that so far, feel like the first pieces of a jigsaw puzzle being put together.

And speaking of a puzzle, the segments from episode 6 definitely feel like a few more have been locked into place.




Marco and Star are surprised when a familiar face from the past comes to call: Buff Frog, one of Ludo’s former henchmen.

After the events of last season, Buff found himself becoming a father, and now asks the two for help, watching his babies.

Both Star and Marco attempt to do things their own way, with Marco wanting to follow the rules set down by Buff Frog, and Star wanting to have fun with the babies. However, both soon begin to see the pros and cons of their methodologies, as the job takes a few unexpected twists and turns.

What was most surprising about this segment, was just how much fun it was at times. While there was some weird and wild stuff going on, it stayed pretty manageable. Plus, a familiar song from Season 1 reappears near the end.

It is also nice to see that the writers are keeping some level of neutrality going between Star and Buff, given that they were battling each other some time ago, in the first season of the show. This allows us to see some character growth with Star, showing how she’s become more understanding of ‘monsters’ since last season’s episodes Lobster Claws, and Mewnipendence Day. In fact, it may be fair to say that she has a much better understanding of her planet’s creatures, than most of the other people on her planet.

The episode may go a little overboard on Star fawning over the little tadpoles, but I think it works pretty well. It helps that the segment doesn’t become like those typical babysitting episodes that teach one about responsibility, like we’ve seen in other shows out there.

It is nice to have a ‘fun’ episode that actually leaves you with a smile at the end, and the segment also twists our brain with a strange Inception-style game setup in a few areas.


Best line from segment (said by Star Butterfly): I ‘booped,’ Marco. I ‘booped’ so bad!

Final Segment Grade: B



-On the Job-

Needing to provide for his babies, Buff Frog asks Star and Marco to babysit them, while he takes on a job. However, his cohorts wonder if the new father is up to the task.

So far this season, we’ve had a few segments, that tied together across several different episodes. This segment is a first, in that it ties into the previous segment in the episode, and fills in the blanks as to what was happening with Buff Frog, while Star and Marco were babysitting.

A positive in regards to the segment, was that we got to see a bit more about Mewni, and the situation regarding the planet’s monsters, let alone the disconnect between the planet’s Mew-mans, and other creatures. We even get some more insight into the planetary obsession with corn, which was touched upon in the segment, Mewnipendence Day.

Character-wise, we get to see some more creature/monsters that inhabit the planet, along with the return appearance of another of Ludo’s former minions, Boo Fly. Boo gets the most vocal roll he’s had yet, oftentimes trying to keep tensions at bay between Buff Frog, and the long-horned leader of the gang they are working with.

Unlike the previous segment that took a neat spin on the typical babysitting plot, this one focuses on the plotline of the tough guy, whose ethics and talents are put into question after a major change in his life.

While it does have its moments, the scenes where Buff Frog shows that his mind isn’t fully concentrating on the job, can get a little old. I can’t help but feel the writers on this segment, might have been channeling some of their own emotions, about returning to work after their life had had a major change to it.

We also get a few returning characters and settings in the background, that will surely jog some memories if you watched episode 4 of this season. Those little bits in the background, actually entertained me more than Buff Frog’s storyline, mainly because it looks like the wheels to an even bigger story, are still turning…


Best line from segment (said by Buff Frog): You want me to change ‘your’ diaper?

Final Segment Grade: B-



Best honorable mention line from episode (said by Star Butterfly): You’re afraid to tell Jackie you have a crush on her, but you’re not afraid of bears? I don’t get you, Marco!

After the rather blase segments of episode 5, episode 6 was a breath of fresh air! The one-two-punch of the stories working off each other, was a fun set-up.

Starsitting had some fun plunging Star and Marco into the world of babysitting, as it soon becomes a question if one can still have fun, and follow the rules when it comes to handling responsibility.

On the Job shows Buff Frog trying to get back to his old monster ways, while also trying to deal with the responsibilities of being a new parent. While the mission he finds himself on is not as entertaining, the story elements of what he and his cohorts find, is something that will make the show’s regular viewers excited for what might be coming around the corner.


(And, it’s happening again. Just like last year, we’re entering another hiatus for the show! Word is that we’ll get more episodes in a few weeks, and unlike the current early-morning showings, Star will return to evening premieres, now that summer is ending. When the show does return, the first segment for episode 7 will be “Goblin Dogs,” where Star, Marco, Flying Princess Ponyhead and a few others, try to obtain the popular inter-dimensional delicacy. Following that, will be the segment titled, “By the Book.” Can’t say for certain what that will entail, but maybe it will involve Star taking a closer look at her wand’s tome of an instruction manual. See you all in a few weeks!)


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