iPad App Review: Frozen Free Fall

(Available in the iTunes App Store for iPhone & iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Price: Free to Download, with buyable Power-Ups)

Since the introduction of Apps and the Apple App store in 2007, many companies have utilized “smart” products to also play to our growing need to be entertained on the go. Ergo, games for multiple mobile devices can usually be found on several.

Of course, it is usually in simple games of matching and shapes, do we sometimes find ourselves going to. When I was growing up, one game that was most entertaining, was Tetris. We had a copy for our Nintendo Entertainment System, and I always remember it as the only game my Dad would sit down and play.

Prior to the release of Frozen in late November, was the release of a game titled Frozen Free Fall. Following the same setup as games like Candy Crush, Free Fall brings you a Frozen-themed matching game, where matching 3 of a jeweled object will cause it to disappear. There are also other things that will happen if you match 4-5 of a certain colored jewel, usually with ice/frost-based results.

There are currently over 90 levels, where one can earn 1-3 stars, based on how many points you score. The levels include tasks like clearing a certain number of ice blocks, making certain items drop from top-to-bottom, and a timed level where you need to earn a certain number of points.

The game can be oriented for both portrait and landscape formats on the iPad, and each screen includes a character from the film, who also can give you the ability to utilize a special item to make some jewels disappear, or clear out certain sections of your gameboards. For those who have seen the film, you will get both young and old variations of certain characters, as well as background images taken directly from the film! There’s also a minimal amount of animation on the characters. They will do little gestures during game play, as well as give you an affirmative if you beat a level, or a look that says “sorry” if you fail.

In truth, the game does nothing really new with the matching game format. It’s a cute tie-in to Frozen, but I’m sure it is the presentation that will make people click on it (okay, it definitely WAS the presentation that made me click on it!).

Musically, you won’t find any of the film’s toe-tapping songs, or any of Christophe Beck’s score. Instead, some original music is included, with piano and string melodies, that is actually quite soothing, if a touch sad at times.

When you first start unlocking various characters, you’ll be given 2-3 special items that character can use, free of charge. The problem is that the level you’re on, will then force you to use those items. So, what you may think you can stockpile later, will most likely be gone after a few gameplays.

It’s almost like the game is doing this to whet your appetite, and make some in-app purchases.  This also seems evident in how the game tries to regulate your game play activity. At the beginning of a full gameplay session, you are given 5 lives to play with. However, once you blow through all 5, you have to wait a certain amount of time for your lives to build back up.

The in-game purchase option allows you to buy items such as a 5-pack of lives for 99 cents, as well as packs of various power-ups. The power-up packs range in price from 99 cents, to $2.99. I believe they’re trying to make people think that $2.99 is a drop in the bucket, but I could see some people falling back on them like a crutch trying to get 3 stars on some levels. If you’re not careful, Frozen Free Fall could become a rather expensive game to play/invest time in.

One person I discussed the game with, said the strategy to winning, is patience. It may take you several dozen times, but eventually, you just might get a board with the right combination to get you at least one star, if not more. If you take the game at its value as something to just sit down with and unwind to, I think it’ll help (unless you get tense in the case of the timed levels).

As of now, Level 90 leads you just past Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post (and Sauna). We can assume further updates will be coming down the line, as the game’s path seems to be following that of the one we see within Frozen. Of course, just how many levels we’ll encounter, is anyone’s guess at the moment.

Frozen Free Fall has definitely proved a good time-waster over the month of December, and is something that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. However, I strongly caution parents to watch their kids, as if you’re not careful, I could see some parents find some bills charging them for power-ups and add-ons to the game, if their password information isn’t protected.

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2 responses to “iPad App Review: Frozen Free Fall”

  1. drewt510 says :

    I have this for my Android phone. It is just a Frozen-themed Bejeweled, but it is a fun time waster nonetheless. The only thing about it that drives me nuts is, as you mentioned, the limited lives and having to either pay for more or wait for them to recharge. I just wait it out and eventually I get what I need to pass the level.


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