Today, a major milestone was reached on my Blog:

I remember when I first started this blog in November of 2011, with a review of the soundtrack release for Steven Spielberg’s 1941. From there, this blog became my outlet to share my feelings on films, animation, toys, and much more. It also allowed me to tell about some of my journeys across the country, and attending some Entertainment events that others may not have seen.

I am glad to know that some have enjoyed my articles, and the comments are greatly appreciated. Comments are one of the things I most look forward to reading, as it is usually a sign that what I have written has touched someone in an emotional way.

Well, I’ve waxed poetic about this milestone long enough. Better get some more postings set for the next few weeks.


About MWH1980

Growing up in the state of Iowa, one would assume I'd be enamored with pigs and corn. Well, I wasn't. Instead, I grew fascinated by many things that were entertainment-related. Things like movies, animation, toys, books, and many more kept my attention. This blog I hope to use to express myself regarding my varied obsessions. (P.S. There's no Photoshop involved in that Gravatar-I really am holding an Oscar)

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