2013’s D23 Expo: The place to be for Disney Cosplay

Let’s face it: when it comes to big Entertainment-based get-togethers these days, it’s not too hard to find people doing Cosplays. 1 in 4 pictures from Comic-Con in San Diego has someone in a costume in it, and when it came to walking the floor at the D23 Expo, I was prepared to see all sorts of people doing Cosplay.

That was definitely the case, and some were so obscure, I just had to snap some pics. I came close to posting all the pictures I took, but finally, settled on the following:

Nothing like starting with one of the oldest Princesses, Snow White. Taking this as darkness settled in, made the costume stand out pretty well.

With the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney, there were quite a few Star Wars cosplays on display. I loved the quality of this one from Episode II: Padme Amidala’s ‘Picnic’ dress.

Now here’s one Disney couple you never see together: Prince Eric, and Vanessa (aka Ursula in disguise). The girl playing Vanessa said she got some snide remarks from some of the Expo-goers. A pity, because she did a pretty good job for such an obscure character.

While most cosplayers are normally young’uns, I give this woman props for her Mulan-in-Warrior-Garb. I think she did a great job on it (and luckily, Mushu wasn’t shooting his mouth off).

This guy’s shirt caught my eye, and I managed to corner him on the last day of the Expo for a picture. He custom-made the shirt, and he said that since he was young, he’s always been nicknamed ‘Sid’ by a number of people.
Though unlike Sid in “Toy Story,” he was easy to talk to, and told me about a Disney-centric Facebook group. Thanks, Sid!

The first time I’ve ever seen a Linguini cosplay, from “Ratatouille.” This guy was normally wearing his toque, and when he removed it, Remy was revealed up top!

This D23 Expo featured their first-ever Costume Contest, with the winners receiving an Edna Mode statue. This girl’s costume won the award for Original Design. Not only does it go from color to black-and-white, but each Mickey-head item on her dress, has a different design related to Disney!

I saw a few people doing Scrooge McDuck cosplays, but this was the first and only Beagle Boy cosplay I saw! Personally, that money bag needed to be a bit fuller.

This was another one of those once-in-a-lifetime cosplay sightings! Here we have Alice Bluebonnet, and Johnny Fedora, from a segment in 1946’s animated musical feature, “Make Mine Music.”

And here we have the stars of our latest animated love story, “The Blue Umbrella!” I met this fellow and his sister (on the left), at a Cartoon Art Museum fundraiser at PIXAR in 2011. He also was dressed up as Paperman during the first day of the Expo (shame I didn’t see him on the floor and get a pic).

I wish the one guy who was dressed as Paperman on Friday, would have met this girl on Saturday. Her costume was really obscure, until I saw her lipsticked paper airplane. As I love the short Paperman, I had to get a pic of her!

And my pick, for the “what are you doing here?” costume, goes to: RU-FI-OOOOOOOO!!!!! He was tag-teaming with Disney’s Peter Pan for most of the day.

This guy was one of a few husband/wife couples I saw walking the floor. But just who was Hercules walking with? None other than: Cinderella!

Russell’s grown up a bit, but he still holds to the Wilderness Explorer’s Credo (“The Wilderness Must Be Explored! Caw-Caw! Rawr!!”).

This year at the Expo, Ursula became one of the unofficial poster girls for their advertising. I saw quite a few Ursula’s on the floor, but this woman had one of the more outrageous get-ups.

Little Boba Fett caught the attention of many Expo-goers, when people saw him pulling his little Mickey-in-Carbonite on the convention floor.

The Wicked Queen, poses with his Slave in The Magic Mirror. They had debated all day about how to pose the Magic Mirror, and just at this point in the night, hit on the idea to hide him behind the Queen’s outstretched arm.

There were quite a few Rapunzels wandering around (with the majority of them blonde, with maybe 2 brunettes), but this one caught my eye, due to her frying pan.

I certainly didn’t expect to find Barbie at the Expo, let alone in her workout gear from “Toy Story 3.”

This fellow was just wandering the Collector’s Forum, but it didn’t take me long to recognize him as the Sprite from Fantasia 2000’s “Firebird Suite (1919 Version).”

I just loved the work this girl had done with her costume. She was going to put down her little tiger, but the way she was cuddling it, I told her Rajah had to be in the picture.

I saw a few Yzma cosplays from “The Emperor’s New Groove,” but strangely enough, this was the only Kuzco I found. Boom, baby!

This young lady did a pretty thorough job dressing up as Jane from “Tarzan.” I heard several people ask her, “Where’s your apeman?”

The Odinson could be seen walking the floor with several other Marvel characters. He was adamant that Mjolnir be pointed directly at the lens.

For years, the Disney fandom on the internet has whispered about there being a Jessica Rabbit character walking around the Disney Parks. Well, I’m pretty sure that will never happen, but there were a few wandering around the Expo.

Wearing your underwear on the outside of your shorts takes guts! Here we have a fellow cosplaying as Doug, who is dressed as: Quailman!

There were several Disney Fairies flitting about the Expo floor, but I was only able to catch a quick glimpse of Silvermist.

They weren’t as rotund as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, but these two seemed to epitomize the perfect Disney Geek couple, with their matching outfits.

With Disney’s “Frozen” coming out in just a few months, there were plenty of cosplays of the film’s sisters, Anna, and Elsa. These girls had some of the best, and most detailed outfits.

And my pick for the coolest costume at the D23 Expo: Deadpool, dressed as Mickey Mouse, as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice! He had a couple of light-swords, and when the fountain behind him sprung up, he pretended to be conducting it, like Mickey does the water in the show, “Fantasmic!”

And those, were some of the many, many cosplays I saw at 2013’s D23 Expo. I originally wanted to post just 20 pictures, then it expanded to 25, and finally, I cut myself off at 30. There were quite a few cosplayers I wasn’t able to catch, because I was standing in line, or was in a panel, and couldn’t get to them on the other side of the room.

It’s been about a week, but I’m still sorting through some of the other things I want to post about the Expo. I intend to have more articles up in the next few days.


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  1. reynb013 says :

    Thanks for the feature. I was Quailman and my buddy was The Sorcerer’s Deadpool!


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