Exhibition Recap: The Props and Art of The Avengers

One habit that’s followed me since I was a teenager, is that when I make plans to go somewhere, I often find myself wandering around, and finding something really cool and unexpected.

This was the case when I visited the University of Southern California’s campus in August of 2012, and made a stopover at their School of Cinematic Arts to take in the Dreamworlds exhibit, located in the Steven Spielberg building (for more on the Dreamworlds exhibition, you can read my blog post here).

Right across from the Steven Spielberg building, is the George Lucas building (anyone surprised at that one? Thought not.). I had only heard about the Dreamworlds exhibit, but decided to take a little look inside this structure to see what might be inside. Imagine my surprise when I went through the doors, took a look to the left, and found this:

*Click to see a bigger picture*

Yes, props and art from Marvel’s The Avengers, and even some items from the other Marvel films like Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger. This was definitely the big surprise of the day for me, and I quickly wandered over, observing all that was on display. This summer, The Avengers was the only movie that just gave me a truly fun theater-going experience In fact, my summer was bracketed by seeing it opening night (in 2D), and on Labor Day in 3D (hey, tickets for the late show were only $6!).

I stayed away from a lot of the promotional material, and was greatly surprised as I got swept up in the action, and a lot of the humor in some scenes, along with the audience. I’m a sucker when it comes to original material or movie props, so I spent plenty of time wandering around the exhibit (though I wish now I had taken more pictures). Of what I did take, I present to you below:


Loki’s staff, an Iradium tube, and one of the Chitauri’s rifles from “The Avengers.”


Had to take this picture because of the detail on Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. In the upper-right, you can see some of the dossier pages on the different people working on The Avengers Initiative.


The Tesseract (aka The Cosmic Cube), ‘powered down’ in its cushy suitcase. Plus, if you look closely, you can see how it achieved its blinding blue glow.


Throughout “The Avengers,” Hawkeye used a number of special arrows. Luckily for us, several of them have been labelled.


Production material from “Captain America: The First Avenger,” including a promotional t-shirt.


The secret compartment in “Captain America: The First Avenger,” where the Tesseract was hidden.


Character maquettes of the Hulk and Iron Man (wearing the new Mark VII suit), flank Nick Fury’s wardrobe.


‘Nuff said.


Captain America’s new footwear for the modern-day Avenger.


I know the marker on the bottom left is wrong, but hey, the clapboard speaks for itself. It’s also resting on a gamma ray detector at the top of the picture.


I searched around online, but found scant details about this little treasure trove hidden at USC’s School for Cinematic Arts. These items were on display in early August, and I am uncertain (at the time this was posted), if they are still there. Props from The Avengers were also on display at the El Capitan Theater on Hollywood Blvd.

I for one, find it a little sad that the other studios are looking at The Avengers’ summer box-office haul, and are mainly going to just think that the world needs more superhero movies. What many will not understand, is that we would love superhero films made by people who actually care about the source material, and make a story which will give us characters that are entertaining.

Personally, it feels that right now, Marvel Studios is lightyears ahead of Warner Bros, who have the rights to the DC Comics characters. With the exception of Christopher Nolan’s recent Batman films, the studio has not been successful in bringing their multitude of comic characters to life. Already, rumors are running rampant of a Justice League of America film being thrown onto the fast-track at Warner Bros. We can only hope that someone slams on the brakes, or handles this film in the way it deserves, lest WB play fast-and-loose and leave more of the DC Universe’s fans shaking their heads, wishing for the kind of TLC that has been afforded Marvel’s properties in the last few years.

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