iPad App Review: Jaws Revenge

(Available in the iTunes App Store for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later. Price: $1.99) 

When one mentions Jaws, the first image that comes to mind for alot of people, is a giant shark.

When Fuse Powered Inc released their Jaws app for the iPod/iPhone and iPad previously, it focused moreso on the human element of the first film, where you attempted to save beachgoers, and take down the giant shark terrorizing the citizens and tourists of Amity Island.

Naturally, when it’s man-vs-shark, the game can’t end there. That brings us to Jaws Revenge. Sure, there’s a few of us who want to be the good guy and rescue our fellow man, but what about those days where you’ve had a bad day at the office? Your brain is ready to throb right out through your ears, and that nervous tic has creeped back into your eye? You got to blow off some steam, so what do you do? Take on the role of the most famous Great White Shark in history, and start chowing down!

Munch down in the depths, or spring into the air to take down birds or other yummy treats above the water line.

That’s pretty much all you do in Jaws Revenge: chomp down on people, boats (including The Orca!), flying craft, and even belly-flop across decks and aircraft carriers, gobbling down humans like you were at a buffet line.

Along with the familiar Amity Island locale, you can also unlock 3 other levels as you upgrade your shark. While the other two locales are in modern times, the fourth one puts you in the time of pirates, zeppelins, and primitive flying machines.

Jaws Revenge also gives you a choice to play various levels to earn shark tooth coins to upgrade your shark. Along with these levels, you can also ‘free swim,’ earning extra coins, and collecting license plates. Once you collect them all, they will form a familiar message.

Some of the license plates you can eat/collect.

The shark that you see in these images are the bigger-n-badder version you get after you’ve completed the upgrade into a Mega Shark. Originally, your shark will be slightly smaller in size. However, this doesn’t mean one can’t have some fun. The more that you chomp down on things, you then start building up your ‘Frenzy’ meter. Once the meter maxes out and you activate ‘Frenzy Mode,’ the screen takes on a reddish-tint for a limited amount of time, and you gain a little more power and a greater leaping height. At this height, you can reach shark tooth coins high on the screen, and take out high-altitude aerial vehicles.

Originally, I downloaded Jaws Revenge when the app Universal Movie Tycoon failed to function properly. I didn’t know that Fuse worked on both of these apps, but where Tycoon failed in my eyes, Revenge is all the more sweeter.

When it worked properly, Tycoon would push the player into a corner, where you were trapped into spending your own money to get upgrades or extra items. With Jaws Revenge, the player can earn shark tooth coins in two methods:

1) Use your wallet to buy packs of coins


2) Watch trailers, take part in deals, or use social media to earn coins.

This game strikes a very nice balance, where if you’re willing to drop down some money from your wallet, you can easily get your Mega Shark in a matter of seconds. However, if you’ve got plenty of time over 7 days or less, you can play plenty of levels and free-play rounds, and ‘earn’ your Mega Shark. When I experienced this in game form, I really wished that Tycoon could get this kind of earnings feature. This game’s ability to make me feel comfortable playing/earning more coins, easily allowed me to open up my wallet and buy a few things from the store.

The good and the bad regarding gameplay for Revenge, is that once you’ve gone through all the levels, and collected all the license plates from the free play levels…that’s it. The game serves as little more than a stress reliever. Then again, that’s not a bad thing.

Jaws Revenge isn’t the greatest game for the iPad or iPhone, but it’s a good game, and if you have no qualms about computerized sharks dismembering humans and animals, or bringing down airplanes and other man-made craft, you just might enjoy yourself. I know I did.

We don’t think Chief Brody’s gonna make it home this time.


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One response to “iPad App Review: Jaws Revenge”

  1. Macy says :

    I upgraded my shark so I thought I’d cut my self some slack n buy 50,000 coins to buy the mega shark….. I go to get it and its not there… Why can’t I upgrade ? Why is the option no longer there???


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