Toy Review: Boundin’ Buddies Plush Set

The Boundin' Buddies boxset, available exclusively at PIXAR's Studio Store in Emeryville, CA.

In 2004, Pixar Animation Studios continued their tradition of including an animated short before their feature presentation. The film was The Incredibles, and the short was called Boundin’.

The short was created by Bud Luckey, who not only had done concept art for Pixar, but had also developed several animated short-segments for Sesame Street in the 70’s and 80’s, such as The Alligator King, and The Ladybugs’ Picnic.

Boundin’ definitely felt like a lost Sesame Street short. When a dancing lamb’s white coat is sheared off, he sadly laments his shorn and pink appearance, until a big furry Jackalope comes upon him. The Jackalope then helps the lamb get over his shortcomings about his appearance, teaching him to stay positive, and that what he looks like on the outside, should not affect how he is on the inside.

In December 2011, I took advantage of the Cartoon Art Museum’s annual benefit held at Pixar Animation Studios. Naturally, I had to visit their Studio Store. The store is open mainly to employees of Pixar, and is located in the atrium of their Emeryville headquarters. Of great interest to me, was finding exclusive items that couldn’t be purchased anywhere else. The Studio Store has had numerous exclusive plush toys over the years. These have ranged from the alien teacher and student of the short film Lifted, and even little plush squeak toys of the little birds in the short-subject, For The Birds.

Sadly, those exclusive plush toys were nowhere to be found, but I did find the Boundin’ Buddies boxset (of which there were only 2 in stock!). I had always just seen images of the Jackalope and the little lamb (unshaven and pearly white). What I hadn’t counted on, was the incredibly awesome packaging that encased the two.

Opening the box’s front flap (held in place by two velcro circles), reveals our two plush buddies, and a collage showing the different animal players in the story, done in pencil art with marker-like coloring. Just like the concept and storyboard art, the box art appears to be drawn by the short’s creator, Bud Luckey.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Art adorns each of the box’s sides.

The top showcases the playful little gophers…

…the bottom shows the smiling, swaying fishes.

On the left side, we have a playful (yet psychotically happy-looking) rattlesnake.


While on the right side, we have a bouncy (yet also psychotically happy-looking) owl, hopping out of a hole in the ground.

Wesley James Prahl meets a couple new friends on New Year's Eve. The picture also gives you a good idea just how big the plush toys and the box are.

Though I did claim this as a toy review, I must admit I stretched the truth a little. While I love the set, I actually got it for Mister Wesley Prahl…aka the son of my friends, Eric and Jamie Prahl. I feel if anyone can truly enjoy the bouncin’ and boundin’ of these two characters, surely he and his family will.

Below is the rear of the box, and I’ve saved the best for last. The rear of the box is a playful rendition of the backside of the cover’s imagery, showing the Jackalope and the lamb bouncing off over the horizon (with the Pixar Animation Studios name playfully spelled backwards). The box also labels that the set is made by Thinkway Toys, the company who 16 years ago, created one of the hottest Holiday Toys around: Buzz Lightyear!

Now in this world of ups and downs, so nice to know there are Jackalopes around.


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2 responses to “Toy Review: Boundin’ Buddies Plush Set”

  1. Jorge Martinez says :

    You are a lucky man, I have been looking for one of these forever.


    • MWH1980 says :

      Thanks for the kind words, though my friend’s little boy Wesley is the lucky recipient of this set. He also got a little onesie with BAB-E on the front (too cute to pass up).

      Toy-wise for myself, I picked up a replica of Luxo Jr’s ball from the PIXAR Studio Store (retailed for $5). It’s displayed next to my PIXAR Blu-Rays, WALL-E, & EVE.


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